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The Kingswood district of Bristol is a well-renowned over the centuries for its independent and proud people.

Picture of Bristol

In the past, there were a lot of coal mines in the East Bristol area, and the local people used to ride with horse and sleds to the Bristol main town. Since those days, the geographical map changed in a very drastic way, and all the little villages around kingswood became main districts for the like of Hanham, Staple Hill, Downend, Longwell Green, Emersons Green and so on. The Clock Tower in Kingswood is still standing proud in Regent street and this is where the main part of our taxi operation takes place during the day. There is a very famous night club in Kingswood called Soapy Joes which many of the local know simply as 'Chasers'. It is conveniently positioned in Chase Shopping Centre which includes many of the top high street brands and fashion chains, and many other local services including banks, solicitors, local pubs and the civic centre of South Gloucestershire Council.

Kingswood has a mixture of supporters for both the main Bristol football teams, Bristol Rovers FC and Bristol City FC alike. Despite the rivalry between the teams, the people are fairly sensible and taking it in good football spirit!

Over the years, the Kingswood area of East Bristol has become an integral part of Bristol life.